About Instinct

‘Instinct’ was developed by Dutch choreographer Iris van Peppen. After the HK/NL initiator of the project Marloes van Houten, and the HK choreographer David Leung visited the Netherlands to teach several workshops and master classes in October 2014 and January 2015, Iris got inspired and continued to develop movement research under the title ‘Instinct’. This with the idea that for transformation to happen, its first step is deconstruction of old patterns that limit us to act and move according to our authentic nature, by going back to our instinctual behaviour and releasing the head/neck (cognitive, thinking, controlling side), activating the arterial flow (blood-pump) in order to awake our instinct and enter another (sub)consciousness.

Hence, Iris dance project ‘Instinct’ researches the human instinct to move, inviting surprises to come to new ways of moving and being. A first preview of ‘Instinct’ was staged in May 2015 in a prison in Utrecht, the Netherlands, as part of the UTRECHT DOWN UNDER cultural program. Prison: a symbolic place considering the idea, that letting go of “the old”, the familiar but limiting patterns. See here for some information on the prison project:

Iris organized an ‘Instinct’ open artist in residency in the summer of 2015/16, attended by international artists (including HKNLversations founder Marloes van houten). The movement research developed into a dance film shown at various festivals globally, and a full length dance theatre production staged in the Netherlands in December 2016. See here for a trailer of the production.

You can find out more about Iris van Peppen and her studio here.


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