Middle East

Since the summer 2020 Forge started to collaborate with Syrian and Lebanese artists in the Netherlands. Project ‘Destination Beirut’ was born in September 2020.

Lebanon has been facing multiple crises. The recent explosion in the port of Beirut, happened against the backdrop of long-standing political unrest and unprecedented economic crisis. Then there is inflation, a corrupt political elite, high rates of unemployment, and the pandemic. As if things could not get worse, on 4 August 2020 there was a catastrophic explosion that killed around 200, left 6.500 injured, and 250-300.000 homeless.

Project  Destination Beirut is the start of a long term collaboration. Together with local artists and NGO’s, Forge will stage dance- and music theatre performances to address societal issues and inspire hope. Also, art-, music- and movement based workshops & training for trainers will be provided to offer psychosocial support. Read more here.

The first introduction trip is planned for January/February 2021.
For more info and to support the project: https://gf.me/u/y4d72f 


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