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Ruochen Wang

Ruochen Wang received his education at the Guangdong Dance school in China, then studied within the contemporary dance department at Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts. He graduated with the honor of being named “Best Male Dancer”.

Ruochen began his professional dance career at The Guangzhou Ballet in China (2006-2009). He has also worked with Opera Graz Tanz in Austria (2011-2012), Compagnie Thor in Brussels, Belgium (2012-2013), Ballet Basel in Switzerland (2013-2016) and Scapino Ballet Rotterdam in The Netherlands (2016- present).

Ruochen has performed choreography by Marcos Morau, Felix Landerer, Richard Wherlock, Stephan Thoss, Itzik Galili, Ed Wubbe, Jean-Philippe Dury, Alexander Ekman, Thierry Smith,William Forsythe, Dam Van Huynh and Mauro Bigonzetti, among others.He has also worked as a demonstrator for Prix de Lausanne 2016, presenting a solo from Furia Corporis by Mauro Bigonzetti.

Ruochen Wang currently choreographs Ongoing Moments for HKNLversations Beyond Dots event in February/March 2018.
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