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Iris van Peppen

Iris van Peppen


For over 18 years Iris van Peppen (1977) has been working as a dance artist in the field of instant composition and contemporary dance, graduated at the SNDO in 1999. Due to her deafness as a young child Iris developed a deep sensitivity for her surrounding. In her work as a dancemaker Iris is able to sense the quality of space and dancers and is able to make this visible in her choreography. Her work is recognizable without emphasizing the social, political and spatial because the viewer is given the opportunity in the presentation to reflect and, hence, to connect with the dance.
Iris has created over 25 site specific dance performances in churches, museums, streets and in a shoe shop to name a few.

Besides her own organisation and company DI Utrecht & Amsterdam; Contemporary Dance Platform Iris works as a teacher, performer, choreographer, organiser and coach in dance. She danced and worked with Tim O’Donnell, Michael Schumacher, Katie Duck, Marisa Grande, Kenzo Kusuda, Marc Nukoop, Andrew Harwood, Katherine Ferrier.
Iris lives in Utrecht, The Netherlands and has two sons.
0031 30 2519201


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