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Marieke Helmus


I am a freelance filmmaker from the Netherlands, passionate about documentary and dance films. I studied Medicine and Theatre and Film studies in Utrecht. Furthermore I took part in different practical film courses, camera and direction at Open Studio. I’ve had a few highly improving experiences, like being mentored by director Mijke de Jong and director Noud Heerkens respectively. I also took part in the IDFA academy and the Kids&Docs program 2011. And I followed a short course in pedagogic and a Cinekid Masterclass directing children.

I gained a multicultural background by various film residencies in countries like Italy, South Africa and Romania, practicing different segments of film development. During my studies I did a medical internship in Wellington, New Zealand and visited different hospitals in Ghana.

Among my job experiences, I developed different individual projects, especially documentaries and short dance films, which have been shown on international film festivals. Further more I directed four Dutch Profiles for DFA/Submarine. I also made various corporate films. Autumn of 2013 I coached a international group of young choreographers to make a short dance film (Dance and Film workshop) for 4Culture Association in Bucharest (specialized on new media and contemporary art).

I have explored particular forms of expression through movement in (sub-) cultures in various films. In Cape Town Soup I worked with African traditional dancers and encouraged them to experiment with modern dance. In Rotterdamse Tranen (Rotterdam Tears) I examined the relationship young dancers have with comforting and discomforting spots in the Port of Rotterdam. Both films are a mix of documentary portraits and dance/experimental scenes. For the docu-dance performance Sneak Preview I investigated the freedom of movement of veiled Arab women. One of my most recent films is called Dansen in Stilte (Silent Moves). The film is about sign language and dance.

Rewards WEET WAT JE IN HUIS HAALT (first prize Film Food), DANSEN IN STILTE (competition Cinedans 2013), ALS ALLES BIJZONDER WORDT (nominated for Gouden Reiger), GLAD IJS 2012 (selection for compilation ‘rhythm one minutes’), RUFTY 2013 (directors prize 48 hour Cinekid).

I work part-time as an addiction doctor at a clinic in Amsterdam.



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