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Iris van Peppen

Iris van Peppen


Iris van Peppen aims to make sensorial work using minimal choices in sound, movement and space. Through researching different bodily states, Iris has been aiming towards the notion of a body that goes beyond the physical body; an intuitive, poetic, and transparent body. To be in tune with her investigation she has chosen to work with live sound for her creations. Through these choices she wishes to confront the body of the spectator. The choreographies of Iris van Peppen are strongly influenced by her hearing disability as a young child. By fine-tuning to our senses and listening to our bodies, we reconnect to our nature.

Next to stage work Iris van Peppen has created over thirty site specific dance performances in the Netherlands and USA in churches, museums, streets and in different everyday venues for example a shoe shop. She teaches regularly in NL and abroad.


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