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Kristy Janvier

Kristy Janvier


Kristy is from a small northern community in Canada called Flin Flon and is of Aboriginal decent (Dene). At the age of 18 she had an opportunity to work abroad as a performer in Japan. From there, her love of acting, dance, movement and exploring began. After two contracts in Tokyo and moving to California, Kristy embarked on a cruise ship in the Caribbean before residing in Hong Kong. Kristy’s interest in the body and movement lead her to yoga and meditation which continues to open doors leading to new paths of exploration. Always looking for creative outlets, she has also began curating vintage dresses and making short dance films before sending them to their new owners around the world. As a member/collaborator on the ReInventing Home Project, Kristy is interested in the self discovery through a variety of artistic modalities and elements to define what “home” is to her.

Kristy is a dancer, yoga teacher, and explorer looking for meaningful ways to connect to her surroundings to find a place to call home.


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