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What we aim to do

Inspire a creative edge in academics and life * Enhance language skills * Build self-esteem * Teach team building * Deliver personal attention to each individual * Favor a lifelong love of learning * Introduce skills that serve people over a lifetime * Promote cross-cultural understanding * Prepare students for a global economy * Help identify vocational aspirations * Make language learning a practical experience * Emphasize the rhythm and tonality of language * Contextualize language within the broader culture * Set the stage for family bonding * Break through inhibitions * Empower people to rise to their full potential * Respect individual differences

Thomas “Tom” Vinton

I first started improvising and writing songs as a child, taking piano lessons from age 5 and forming my first band at age 12. After playing music throughout my school years in the US and France, I launched my career by scoring educational software in Austin for major publishers. Partnering with Flo, I led children’s music and movement workshops in schools and cultural centers. Moving to Atlanta, I became a full time music teacher in a primary school, producing stage shows for several years. I later served as teacher trainer and workshop leader at Atlanta’s innovative Eclectic Music. Before moving to Hong Kong this year, my family and I spent two years as artists in residency in Nantes, France, offering English language creativity workshops that culminated in a full-scale performance featuring modern dance and live music.


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