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Sharisa Fischer

Sharisa Fischer


Sharisa was born in Amsterdam and grew up in The Netherlands and Suriname. Currently she lives in Zeist with her husband and two children. Sharisa is a HeartToHard (H2H) board member and the initiator (together with Mirte Houben) of the Reinventing Home program, targeting the AZC kids in Soesterberg. She has combined studying dentistry with dancing, acting, singing, filming and editing and working as a trainer, host and facilitator/moderator in varying fields – from politics and youth participation to religion, health and globalisation. She was trained in Cechetti classical ballet by Thérèse Oswald at Balletschool Kamperfoelie and in jazz, modern and improvisation at the AHK. She has worked with many choreographers like Maxi Hill, Paula Walta, Maurice Causey, David Zambrano, Maxi Hill and Eileen Standley. As a dancer and choreographer Sharisa has been part of Jongerentheater 020, Productiehuis Nowhere and (Paramaribo, Suriname).


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